Comparison Between iPhones and the Oppo A15


If you’re a follower of Computer science and/or electronics you love keeping up to date with the latest news, innovations, and technologies – buy Smartphones OPPO Auctions. ” Octa Core 3GB RAM, Windows operating system, blackberry… at the cheapest price available.” – Steve Jobs a15 oppo

There are many reasons why the Oppo A15 is so inexpensive, including an amazing low price point. At its lowest price point (and after rebate and discount), the Oppo A15 is selling for about $400! This places it right in between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android products. And unlike the iPhone or Android, this affordable camera from Oppo is not only a sleek, attractive camera, but it has two cameras, an Ultra Low Light mode, and can take standard picture at up to 10 frames per second.

The face of the Oppo A15 smartphone is the trademark rounder textured design. And like many smartphones it is loaded with features and applications including a Microsoft Exchange Live Meeting service, which makes it easier than ever to manage your business meetings. On the home screen you can find what appears to be a “Mystery Blue” icon that can be utilized to launch a variety of applications including the Microsoft Office program. While some people may be scratching their heads trying to figure out what this icon does it allows you to launch applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, and Excel.

In order to take advantage of all these amazing features the phone must be running on the latest version of Android 10.4 “mallow” or higher. For those who do not have experience with this operating system, it is basically a brand new version of android with many new additions. One such addition is the new Smart Keyboard, which makes using the keyboard on the Oppo A15 a lot more comfortable than before. Users also reported that the typing on this keyboard is very responsive and performs well.

The Oppo A15’s face sensor for taking pictures does not seem to be as effective on this version of android as it was on the iPhone 5s. With an increase in megapixels from the previous models the pictures taken with the Oppo A15 seemed to come out a little blurry. Users also stated that the camera on the Oppo A15 is not as fast as the camera on their iPhone. This does not make it as useful as some others claiming to be as fast as the iPhone, but it does hold its own.

When comparing the iPhone and the Oppo A15 it is obvious that the cheaper phones are equipped with inferior processors. However, the A 15 has an eight core processor which is much better than the six core iPhone 5s. Even the price of the A 15 is cheaper than most other phones on the market today which makes it a good choice for consumers who want an affordable phone. These affordable phones also run on a full hd camera which makes them worth every penny. With the quality of the camera on board and a large storage capacity, the Oppo A15 is an excellent choice if you want a phone that is durable and performs at an excellent level. While the Oppo A15 might not be the cheapest phone around, it is still one of the most popular options on the market.

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